2018: Training Log Review

Each year, I begin my "20xx Training Log" with remarkable excitement, not only for the joyous hours of training that lie ahead, but also the wide-eyed optimism that I will actually keep a training log for an entire year, and be able to publish a post like this one in January of 20xx +1.

Year after year, with resounding consistency, I lose my battle with "The Log" and am left staring at a blank page thinking that I'll be better next year.

All that ends today. With the beautiful thing that is Strava. Finally a platform where keeping a log is easier than sneaking in post-run spoon-fulls of ice cream when Julie-Anne isn't looking. After doing some quick excel work (thank you grad school), I constructed a graph with my running kilometers for each month of 2018.

I've also included the raw data in a table below!

I'm not going to get into the intricacies of my training, mostly because it's all available for you to peruse at this link. In a nutshell, it was easily my best running year to date. I set personal bests in the 5,000m (14:19), the 10,000m (29:25), and the half marathon (1:05:46) and remained relatively injury free while running over 6,000km.

Often as runners we get caught up in the numbers. If I run 7000km in 2019, will that be a better year than 2018? Obviously, the answer is no. Although year-end totals are fun to look at and often impress the masses, the ultimate goal of running is to run faster, not farther (at the very least, that's my goal).

Setting some goals for 2019:

#1: Be Happy. Running, for me, is a time where I can shut my brain off, recharge from the demands of school/life, and spend quality time with people I genuinely enjoy being around. I know that when running starts becoming something I have to do instead of something I want to do, it's time to get rock climbing gear out.

#2: Know my body enough to rest when I need a break. Consistency is everything. Take time when I need a break, and push when my body allows.

#3: Run Fast. Attributing pure numbers to goals: Sub 2:16, sub 1:04, sub 29, and sub 14 are all things that I want to take a crack at in 2019.

#4: Keep up to date with this blogging thing. I want this blog to be a combination of running and science. I'm planning on doing opinion pieces and writing about topics that I personally want to improve my knowledge on, and if that translates to something that others want to read, then great! Maybe you can suggest topics for me to research.

That's it for the first post of 2019. Happy New Year everyone!

Happy Training,


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